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Fifty years ago today, dozens of Native American activists occupied Alcatraz Island. We’ll hear from people fighting to preserve their culture. Then, a popular 19th-century Japanese magician in the United States inspired one actor to tell his story on stage. And, we take a look at the natural world of Shakespeare in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

A new type of housing is launching soon in San José — tiny homes. They’re temporary, cheaper to build, and easy to relocate. Then, we meet the Boys & Girls Club’s National Youth of the Year, and she’s from right here in San Francisco. And, we’ll hear about a former cop who bought a castle in San Francisco at a steep discount.

What's Next For PG&E? / Uncuffed Episode 3

Nov 18, 2019

Today, San Francisco Chronicle’s energy reporter has been immersed in PG&E news ever since he took the job. What's he paying attention to? Then, we hear how yoga brings people together — in prison. The latest episode of Uncuffed. 

Mark Zuckerberg invited civil rights groups to dinner, to talk about hate content on Facebook. What did they talk about? Then, it’s about more than just spinning tunes for San Francisco DJ Lamont. And, we head to a local diner for this week's Audiograph.

An East Oakland community is still grieving over a hit-and-run accident and a laundromat is honoring the victims by pushing to make their streets safer for pedestrians. Then, if you live in East Oakland, where can you get fresh produce with a WIC voucher? And, a tech reporter goes deep into her troubling family history.

San Francisco’s next District Attorney pledged to end mass incarceration. What will that take? Then, the new season of THE INTERSECTION explores some of the less expected nooks of Burning Man — we’ll follow a family as they finish building a mutant vehicle in honor of their 91-year-old grandmother.

Mayor London Breed has been fighting for safe injection sites since she was first elected. We’ll hear what’s next in the legal battle. Then, author Carolina De Robertis explores what it means to be LGBTQ in her family’s country. And, for this week’s Audiograph, we’re venturing into the wild... right here in the city.

San Francisco’s Sheriff Vicki Hennessy reflects on the moments that shaped her career working in the city’s jails. Then, we’ll spend a day on the street with a professional canvasser.

It’s election day! We’ll hear about changes to the way San Francisco funds its candidates. And, we’ll meet people whose job it is to scope out polling places.

Fire Preparedness / Uncuffed Episode 2

Nov 4, 2019

Incarcerated men reflect on their relationships with their fathers, and their sons in the second episode of Uncuffed. And, we’ll hear how the climate science community is talking about the wildfires.

We’re heading north to the kelp forest collapse that’s closed the nation’s largest recreational abalone fishery. Then, an art exhibit addresses women’s labor disparities. And, we meet someone who tracks down ghosts.

Changing The Movie Industry Model / Hallow Eve

Oct 30, 2019

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Is a young entertainment company changing the game in Hollywood by giving movie fans the chance to invest in films? And, we hear from a performer on how their identity shapes their drag.

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Today, we're going to a different world in the new season of THE INTERSECTION. We’re going to Burning Man, where we’ll meet all kinds of interesting characters. And, what has London Breed accomplished in her first 500 days as mayor of San Francisco.

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More people are hiking with their smartphones and using apps to navigate. How is technology changing people’s experiences in nature? Then, a former abuser is trying to stop domestic violence from behind prison walls.

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A leader in the Bay Area’s Maya community talks spirituality and the impact of colonization. Then, why does a former marine and school district employee want to be mayor of San Francisco? A conversation with candidate Paul Ybarra Robertson. And, this week’s Audiograph sound.

Lee Romney / KALW

This is part of an ongoing series “Learning While Black: The Fight For Equity In San Francisco Schools.”

The Big Lift, an original KALW documentary, follows Carver Elementary School’s family liaison over the course of a year as she works to support struggling parents and guardians — so their kids can thrive in the classroom.

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Richmond community members get involved with regulating their own air quality. Then, we continue our series of interviews with San Francisco mayoral candidates — meet Ellen Lee Zhou. And, how a Bay Area community helped overthrow a dictator thousands of miles away.

San Francisco Mayor's Race / Uncuffed Episode 1

Oct 21, 2019

First up, we meet a candidate for mayor who wants to use revenue bonds to make San Francisco the greenest city on earth. Then, our partners in California prisons have a new series: Uncuffed is now available wherever you get your podcasts. 

First up, we start our series of interviews with candidates for San Francisco mayor with opera singer Wilma Pang. Then, a big data project helps shed light on the achievement gap for students here in the Bay, and across the country. And, for today’s Audiograph, we learn something new.

Magnolia McKay / KALW

San Francisco’s public housing is in the middle of a huge transition. In 2007, the city rolled a plan to redevelop four of the city’s public housing sites in phases to avoid displacing any residents. Now, residents in Potrero Hill are in the first phase.

First up, a candidate for San Francisco District Attorney wants to take politics out of the prosecutor’s office. Then, a new band out of Oakland uplifts black women through their special sound. And, for today’s Audiograph, we’re headed to the rodeo.

First up, former police commission president Suzy Loftus on why she should be San Francisco's next top cop. Then, we hear about a BART director’s attempt to stop panhandling on BART. And, a Mountain View gathering this weekend wants to connect Silicon Valley to Africa.

First up, why our state’s forests actually need more fire, not less Then, he’s a public defender, son of incarcerated radicals, and today he’s running to be San Francisco’s next top cop. And, we’ll go to one of the best-smelling spots in San Francisco.

First up, we meet a candidate for San Francisco District Attorney who’s pushing to turn juvenile hall into a mental health treatment center. Then, we get to the bottom of a mystery found at San Francisco intersections. Plus, our latest story from Solano State Prison.

First up, when immigrants send money back home, it’s not only about dollar amounts. Then, how a local nonprofit is helping migrants keep up with the changes in immigration law. And, an Audiograph — a signature sound from around the Bay Area.

First up, We go on the hunt for the perfect straw. Then, what state bills were signed into law this session, and which ones weren’t? We get a legislative update. And, we explore why designers don’t like San Francisco’s city flag.


First up, will San Francisco skyscrapers stand up against the Big One when it hits? Seismic specialists hash it out. Then, we explore one architect’s process of designing sacred spaces. And, we’ll visit a street in San Francisco known for people getting along.

First up, a small harbor-front community is losing their beach, and a famous surfing wave. Then, we'll hear from some of the first surfers to brave San Francisco waters. And, what does a prison do when the earth shakes?

First, it’s the last season for the Raiders, and the Warriors have crossed the Bay. What’s next for Oakland sports? And, since the Raiders aren't out quite yet, you can still experience one of the most raucous parties in the Bay Area. Then, we’ll bring it back to the Black Panthers of the '60s and '70s to see what legacy they left in East Oakland.

New Cannabis Permits / John McLaren / Philosopher Walk

Sep 25, 2019

First, special permits are allowing cannabis consumption at music festivals in the bay. Then, the man who helped develop San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park- the story of John McLaren. And, we stumble upon one of the city’s best-kept secrets: a thought-provoking trail in his namesake park.