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On the Sep. 17, 2017 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I talk with MIT-trained artist Ben Wood about his successes, failures, and lessons learned in the art world.

In the program's second segment, I do Workovers on callers.  Whatever career conundrum is besetting you or someone you care about, I can usually help.

On the March 26, 2017 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I tout good careers in the gig economy, plus good ones for creative people.

It's one of life's great dilemmas:  Do you follow your passion and risk starvation? Or should you express your passion in volunteer work or as a hobby? On the Aug 26, 2012 edition of Work with Marty Nemko,  I'll take both sides of the debate, conclude with decision rules about when you should and shouldn't do what you love,  and then invite you to weigh in.

Plus, you're also invited to call in for a Three-Minute Workover. I'll try to help you solve your career conundrum.

The show will air Aug. 26 at 11 am.


Terry Bradford, who was Celine Dion's duet partner for five years, has impressed me not just with his incredible singing and performing ability, and not just with his huge heart. It's easy to mistake someone with a big heart as being naive about the practicalities of how to make a living as a performer. That would, indeed, be a mistake. Terry is one savvy guy.

And Terry Bradford will be my guest on Work with Marty Nemko, Sunday June 10 from 11 am until around 11:30.  He'll share secrets of the trade and yes, you'll get to hear his truly compelling singing.