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Property crimes in the City are down by double digits compared to this time last year. A lot of that is due to the quarantine. But business owners report that break-ins are increasingly common and vandals are getting bolder. 

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San Francisco plans to spend about $35 million to house first responders and homeless individuals in hotel rooms during the coronavirus crisis.


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It’s been 24 days since the shelter-in-place order went into effect in the region. Since then we've been checking in regularly with a mix of people from all around the Bay, including a teacher, a restaurant owner, an artist, a grocery store worker, a nurse, and a 10 year-old.

ICU Cases Diminishing / California's Help / Sheltering First Responders And Homeless Residents / Nonessential Businesses Vulnerable To Vandalism / Ghost Ship Defendant Likely To Be Released / Tribute To Phyllis Lyon

This week we’re publishing a series of interviews to learn more about the effect coronavirus has had on people globally. Each day, we'll check in with a reporter who works abroad, but is or has been affiliated with KALW.

Sandip Roy

  Nature marks the season whether or not our human world is out of whack, but soon it will all be back to its old noisy polluted self. But for these few weeks as humans suffer, the earth is healing itself. I just wish we didn’t need a pandemic to hear our earth breathe.

Numbers update / Demographic breakdown

Numbers update

As of last night, there were a little more than 19,000 confirmed statewide, that's up over 1,500 from yesterday. In the Bay Area, there are now over 4,000 confirmed cases, about 200 more than yesterday. The number of patients hospitalized and committed to intensive care units here in California has been steadily rising.

Demographic breakdown

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On this edition of Your Call, we’re speaking with small business owners about how they’ve been affected by COVID-19.

Sitting in for Jeff Hayden is Emmy-Nominated Legal and Political Commentator Dean Johnson.   Joining Dean tonight, author and attorney James Bostwick, represents plaintiffs in catastrophic injury cases in the genres of negligence, personal injury and medical malpractice in this state and others.  

(Note: in this brave new world of remote hosting, this broadcast suffered from poor audio quality at times.  Thank you in advance for enduring it if you listen!)

Coronavirus Caseload / Sheltering San Francisco's Homeless Residents / Santa Cruz Closes Beaches And Parks 

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The reality of COVID-19 means that instead of sharing meals, meditations or prayers in person, people of faith are connecting online. Since the beginning of this epidemic, Bay Area spiritual leaders have turned to online tools such as Zoom or YouTube to stay connected, and offer wisdom to their communities. 

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The Bay Area has been applauded for its response to the coronavirus. Early shelter-in-place guidelines were put into place and experts say the curve is beginning to flatten. But there are big hurdles ahead.

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On Tuesday San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors met to address issues affecting essential workers and the homeless population during the coronavirus crisis.


Corona Virus Caseload / School Campuses Stay Closed Through Spring / Berkeley Music Circus World Sing-Along

San Francisco Chronicle health reporter Erin Allday and UCSF infectious disease specialist Dr. Peter Chin-Hong discuss the latest coronavirus-related news.  In the second half of the program, a panel of nonprofit leaders explore how COVID-19 is impacting local nonprofits.  How can you help -- from home?

Why Former Cigna VP Wendell Potter Now Supports Medicare For All

Apr 8, 2020
Associated Press

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with Wendell Potter, a whistleblower and former VP of Cigna, about how the COVID-19 crisis is exposing our broken public health system and the failures of private health insurance.

Schools Out For Spring

Apr 7, 2020
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Several Bay Area school districts announced, Tuesday, that all of their campuses will remain closed though the end of the school year because of the coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus Curve / BART And Muni Service Updates / Emergency Rules For Court Procedures

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When Governor Gavin Newsom issued his shelter-in-place order in mid-March, he said the elderly need to stay at home alone. Research has shown that loneliness can be as deadly as many other diseases. We checked in to see what seniors are doing to stay connected while staying safe.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is stripping down its MUNI bus service to just 17 lines it deems essential for workers to get across the city.


The California Judicial Council met yesterday and set standards for how courts should operate during the COVID19 emergency.


Bay Area curve flattening / Hospital beds increasing / Stay-at-home timeline / Muni service reduction

How Are Food Banks & Community Groups Coping With Increased Demand?

Apr 7, 2020
Rich Pedroncelli/AP

On this edition of Your Call, we’re speaking with local food banks and pantries about how they’re coping with the increased demand for food assistance in their communities.

Street Sheet, a publication of the Coalition on Homelessness

On this edition of Your Call, we’re discussing how San Francisco is handling its homeless crisis as the third person tests positive for COVID-19. The first person tested positive on Thursday at a Navigation Center. On Sunday, two more people tested positive in the city's largest shelter. City officials say all three people are isolating in hotel rooms.


Miriam Locke

Walter Parenteau and his housemates run an all-volunteer soup kitchen in San Francisco’s Mission District. Their goal is to provide hospitality for anyone who walks through the door, but how are they dealing with the changes that the coronavirus brings? 

Photo provided by Santa Clara Public Health Department

The Santa Clara Convention Center has been transformed into a temporary hospital to treat less severe COVID-19 cases. Its first two patients were admitted today.

California coronavirus cases slowing / Muni cuts / Santa Clara respite center

AP Photo/Ben Margot

On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we're discussing the EPA’s decision to broadly waive environmental law because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Muni To Cut San Francisco Bus Routes

Apr 6, 2020
Frank Farm / Flickr / Creative Commons

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is finalizing a plan that will add service to some of its bus lines but eliminate many of its other routes.



While we are all sheltered in place, Manny's in San Francisco is presenting a jam-packed series of virtual conversations with folks who are on the frontlines of the crisis and those who will lead the Bay's recovery.