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Also, check out our COVID-19 Community Resource Guide for information on everything from emergency childcare, internet access, grants and funding, and more. 


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On this edition of Your Call’s media roundtable, we're discussing India’s COVID-19 lockdown and the plight of millions of poor, low paid internal migrant workers. They say they are hungry and trapped. They can’t go home.

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As more and more people are relying on the video conferencing platform Zoom, California residents are suing the company over what they say are serious privacy violations.

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Social distancing works. It’s also better to do it sooner rather than later. That’s what early indicators show, two weeks into California state’s all-but-essential-workers quarantine.

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It’s been just a little over two weeks since the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place policy took effect. And it has dramatically changed how most of us live and work. Hear from people all around the Bay Area about daily life during the coronavirus epidemic.

Oakland Tele-Town Hall / Oakland Unified Campus Closures / Oakland Unified Campus Closures / SF Volunteer Network To Help Vulnerable Populations 

What Resources & Support Are Available For People Affected By COVID-19?

Apr 2, 2020
Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

On this edition of Your Call, we're discussing community efforts and resources to help each other amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Coronavirus Testing Data / Cases Increase For Healthcare Workers / Campuses Closed For Academic Year

Laticia Erving / SFUSD African American Parent Advisory Council

All of us are under a shelter-in-place order, but we aren’t living the same experience. Access to resources makes it easier. Scarcity brings hardship. On Treasure Island, one resident is scrambling to make sure her community’s basic needs are met. 

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Every day, KALW reports the number of new coronavirus cases in the Bay Area. But, we also know there aren’t enough tests available to confirm every case. Some people who experience symptoms are told by their doctors to just stay home and quarantine.

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According to a letter sent yesterday by California’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, the state’s students should not expect to return to campus this academic year.

Join us for a special edition of City Visions tonight from 9-10pm.  We will have a brief update on the status of COVID-19 in the Bay Area from Erin Allday, health reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle.  Then we will have a panel of experts discussing why some communities are especially resilient during crises and what we can learn from them.


How is the Bay Area handling shelter-in-place? How is your community responding and how are you coping? How will we be changed by this experience?

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For those who have lost their income because of COVID-19, today may be an especially hard day. It’s April 1, and for many, rent is due. Bay Area governments have passed emergency protections for tenants, but critics say they’re not enough.

Coronavirus Caseload / Rent Moratoriums

The Latest Updates On COVID-19: What Do You Want To Know?

Apr 1, 2020
John Minchillo/AP

  On this edition of Your Call, we’ll take your questions about the coronavirus with an epidemiologist and medical expert.

Damion Hunter

The gooming industry is one of many that have been hit hard by coronavirus closures — nail shops, hair salons, and barbershops. The government doesn’t consider them essential services.

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San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has often described walking through steel gates to visit his parents in prison as a kid. Now a correctional officer who works at the prison in New York State where his father is in custody has tested positive for COVID-19.

Bay Area Headlines: Tuesday, 3/31/20, AM

Mar 31, 2020

Coronavirus Caseload / Santa Clara Country Homeless Residents / Rental Assistance In Marin County

With Unemployment On The Rise, How Will The $2.2T Bill Bring Relief?

Mar 31, 2020
Bryan Anselm for The New York Times


On this edition of Your Call, we’ll take your questions about the $2.2 trillion stimulus package.

High Schoolers Cope With The Coronavirus Shutdown

Mar 30, 2020

Bay Area schools are shut down until at least May. That leaves tens of thousands of students at home, finding ways to learn, to cope, and to find joy. This is a special episode dedicated to life during the coronavirus crisis.


Beginning today food will be distributed only two days a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 11 am and noon.

Coronavirus Caseload / Laguna Honda Hospital Cases / School Lunches

Coronavirus Caseload

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In San Francisco, all MUNI train lines will shut down starting today, with no current plans for them to reopen.

  On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we're discussing the links between climate change and infectious diseases.

Bay Area Headlines: Friday, 3/27/20, PM

Mar 27, 2020

Coronavirus Caseload / Protecting Hospital Staff / Alameda Health Systems Management

Coronavirus caseload / Transit affected

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On this edition of Your Call’s Media Roundtable, we are discussing a new Propublica investigation exposing how Trump administration appointees prevented Texas prosecutors from indicting Walmart for filling suspicious opioid prescriptions.

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On March 17, leaders from six Bay Area counties announced a shelter-in-place policy that’s closed all but essential businesses and confined most people to their homes. Since then, we've been checking in regularly with a mix of people from all around the Bay. Together, this group sketches out how the coronavirus epidemic is already changing how we live and work.

COVID-19 numbers / Call for collaboration / Distance learning / Curry meets Fauci

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Governor Newsom spoke this morning of the importance of multi-state collaboration in responding to COVID-19. He said that he had just completed a call between President Trump and all 50 state governors.


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On March 25, the San Francisco Unified School District began the second phase of a three-part plan to help get students back on track while campuses remain closed.