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Sandip Roy

Something funny happened on the way to the comedy club,  but no-one is laughing.

  On the Nov. 1, 2018 edition of Work with Marty Nemko, I talk with Jonathan Haidt about how to get people of different opinions to civilly explore each others’ positions in the workplace or the university. He is Professor of Ethical Leadership at NYU's School of Business, named one of the "top global thinkers" by Foreign Policy magazine and one of the "top world thinkers" by Prospect magazine, Britain's leading monthly current affairs magazine. And he’s co-author of a new book published by Penguin Random House, The Coddling of the American Mind.

The Spot: Lost Notes

Jun 3, 2018

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

Civil Liberties: Is Our Right of Privacy Gone? 

Guests:  Hanni Fakhoury, Staff Attorney, the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Ben Rosenfeld, an attorney who specializes in police misconduct cases, civil rights cases and criminal defense law; and Shahid Buttar, Executive Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.

Listeners: please call-in with questions/comments for the guests: 415-841-4134.


On today's Your Call we’ll talk about how schools decide what students can read in their libraries and classrooms and what happens when books are prohibited.  In Arizona, the Tucson Unified School District recently banned a long list of books in the Mexican American Studies program from their schools including Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States.  So what are the criteria for school reading?  And who should make these decisions?  And how does this affect freedom in public education?  Join us at 10 or email feedback@yourcallradio.or