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Brent Turner

YLR: The Virus, The Beach, Justice

Jul 22, 2020

Two coronavirus stories to tell.  First, the story of one man, and how one person could and did make a difference. Seeing crowded beaches throughout the beach, how Brent Turner rallied local officials to close the beaches before the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Then, a second story, of working in the trenches of the justice system, and how courts throughout the state, and the nation, have been paralyzed as individuals within test positive, and how the public has been excluded to the protection of all.

The vote, voting glitches, monopolies

Nov 7, 2018

  This week, Your Legal Rights considers the vote, voting glitches, & monopolies: open source software. Host Jeff Hayden welcomes Brent Turner, Secretary of the California Association of Voting Officials [] November 7, 2018, the night after the election, we feature a program about elections, monopolies & open source election software. What is wrong with the current system? Is it vulnerable to hacking? Software glitches? Are we in danger of voting-in a talk-show host due to a software glitch? Questions for Brent & Jeff? Please call toll-free 866-798-8255.