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The last black man in San Francisco

Feb 12, 2019
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San Francisco is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country -- but it has one of the lowest populations of African-Americans. In 1990, 11% of city residents were African-American. In 2001, it was 7.8%. Now, it’s just 6%. San Francisco native Jimmie Fails says it makes him feel like the last black man in the whole city.

Robert F. Oaks


San Francisco's reputation as one of America's most ethnically diverse cities is in question as its African Americans population erodes. In 1990, 11% of city residents were Black. Now that number is just 6% and is expected to drop below 4% by 2020.

Todd Whitney


The Three Point Nine Collective is a group of Black artists in San Francisco. They take their name from the expected percentage of Black San Franciscans left by the 2020 census.

William Rhodes


In 2008, artist William Rhodes moved to San Francisco from Baltimore. Immediately after arriving, he noticed the exodus of Black folks leaving the city and decided to co-found the Three Point Nine Collective in an attempt to bring together the city's Black artists. He speaks with KALW's Todd Whitney about one of his works of art.