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Black Lives Matter Movement


Many young people of color are faced with racism everyday, whether it’s blatant and in your face, or subtler microaggressions. One example was in the news three years ago, when a group of students at Albany High School created a racist instagram account attacking fellow Black students with racial slurs and depicted them as gorillas and hanging from nooses. The incident shook the school and the city.

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This weekend crowds of people gathered in various parts of the city to celebrate the 50th anniversary of pride. 

YLR: Civil Rights and Civil Unrest

Jun 24, 2020

YLR host Jeff Hayden is joined by a distinguished panel including professors, attorneys, athletes and analysts – who are engaged in examining the ethical and legal problems that now confront all of us and trying to lead social change – to discuss the implications of the unrest, be it civil or otherwise, and the implication of being black in America. 

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The Oakland City Council is conducting its mid-cycle budget review today, and community groups are calling for that budget to go less to the police and more to social services that support black communities.

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The Bay Area protests against ongoing police brutality have caused cities and counties to enact curfews, including Alameda County.

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While many organizers have told protesters to socially distance and wear masks, public health experts fear the Bay Area’s demonstrations could still fuel a rise in COVID-19 infections. That could be particularly devastating to the same black and brown communities most impacted by police brutality.