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On this edition of Your Call, we discuss Matt Stoller’s new book Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy.

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On this edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss the recent BuzzFeed News investigation about how Amazon’s decentralized, next-day delivery service has brought chaos, exploitation, and danger to communities across America.

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On this edition of Your Call, we discuss Amazon's labor practices. Amazon workers are planning to strike in a Minnesota fulfillment center next Monday, the first day of Prime Day, and one of Amazon’s busiest shopping days. 

The Bay Area braces for Uber & Lyft IPOs

Mar 20, 2019

On this edition of Your Call, how many millionaires can the Bay Area sustain? When Uber and Lyft go public this year, thousands of employees will become incredibly wealthy overnight. Home prices are expected to go up, making the Bay Area even more unaffordable for working class people.