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Jamie Lyons

San Francisco’s Alonzo King LINES Ballet has been transcending traditional ballet through cross-genre collaborations since 1982. Over the years, the dance company has worked with artists of various backgrounds to develop performances designed to change the way we look at modern ballet. 

The Stoop: Breaking the line

Aug 9, 2018
Courtesy of The Stoop

When a ballet teacher told co-host Leila Day that her back should be straight on the ground, no light shining through, and Leila couldn't make it happen, her dreams to be a ballet dancer disappeared. The world of classical ballet is extremely difficult to break into, and for those who have darker skin, there's a lot that comes with it, especially when you're "the only". This episode looks at breaking the line.

Chris Hambrick

At the Conservatory of Classical Ballet in San Leandro, nearly 20 young people line-up in rows, paying rapt attention to their teacher, Carlos Carvajal.

Youth Radio: Ballet is a sport too

Apr 30, 2014

From our partners at Youth Radio.