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Neighborhood Postcard: Sunset

Sep 25, 2013
Sara Brooke Curtis

 Ocean Beach is right on the edge of San Francisco’s biggest neighborhood, the Sunset. The neighborhood is so large it’s split into two: an inner and outer.

“Across the street from me now is Art's Hamburgers or whatever they call themselves now. Which in 1967, the waitress had put a little sign in the window and it said 'love burgers 25 cents each.' The area really looks like 1965,” says Casey Farrell, a Sunset resident.

Youth Radio

There is a new kind of swap meet happening around the Bay Area lately, where gun owners are trading their firearms for cash. Over the past week, San Francisco and Oakland have each been host to a buyback event, bringing in nearly 260 guns total. In exchange, gun owners were paid $100 for each gun, and $200 for each assault weapon, with no questions asked. A large part of funding for the swaps came from crowd sourced donations, including the first-known crowd sourced gun back, held last Thursday in San Francisco's Mission District. Jasmin Lopez went to 22nd and Capp Street that evening to talk to people who were selling their guns.