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‘Vision Portraits’ Chronicles The Journeys Of Visually Impaired Artists

Aug 28, 2019
Kjerstin Rossi/Stimulus Pictures

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with award-winning filmmaker Rodney Evans about his new film, Vision Portraits.

Hannah Kingsley-Ma

This week brings with it Día de los Muertos.

The Spot: The Home

Jun 5, 2017

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

KALW seeks producer/engineer for Sights & Sounds

May 15, 2017

KALW's Sights & Sounds is seeking a multi-talented producer/engineer to join the team. Sights & Sounds is KALW's arts reporting project which features artists and creative thinkers from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with a special focus on those that are underrepresented in mainstream media.

Photo by Bill Joyce

Most artists follow their visions in the privacy of their studios, but one Oakland artist is re-defining public space: a park. Laila Espinoza is a community artist — one whose art touches larger social themes while engaging the surrounding community. She does all this at Athol Plaza Park in Oakland nearly every weekend.

Jeremy Dalmas

Instead of ringing the doorbell, when you come by Craig Baldwin’s home on Valencia street, he asks you to stomp on the metal plate in the sidewalk.

Your Call: Ghost Ship fire aftermath

Dec 8, 2016


How should we address the issues that led to the tragic Ghost Ship fire, which took the lives of at least 36 people?


Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh is an artist and illustrator. Her work ranges from photography to printmaking to pen-and-ink drawings she does while riding BART. 

Tasha Ceyan and Brontez Purnell are members of Blank Map, a Bay Area collective of queer Black artist-performer-musicians. They describe their collaborative work as “Black abstractions influenced by punk, queer, and feminism.”

Courtesy of the artist/ Resized and cropped

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. Our guest is Tasha Ceyan: multi-disciplinary artist, scholar and member of Blank Map, a temporary collective of Black artist-performer-musicians. Blank Map’s work can be seen at Dance Mission this weekend, as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.

Laura Flynn

On the January 21st edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss ways to preserve arts and culture in the Bay Area. 

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In 1983, after the U.S. Navy left San Francisco's Hunters Point Shipyard, a collective of artists moved into the abandoned buildings. Since then, the group has grown and grown until today, when more than 250 artists ply their trade in the former repair station. It is now America's largest artists' community.

The state of the arts in San Francisco

Sep 25, 2014
Ashleyanne Krigbaum / KALW 91.7


Rising costs in the Bay Area have forced many artists to pack up and leave town to find more affordable places to live. Tom DeCaigny is the Director of Cultural Affairs at the San Francisco Arts Commission, and it’s his job to understand the issues that artists and non-profits are facing in this city. 


YBCA's Deborah Cullinan

May 14, 2014

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) was founded in 1993, out of an expressed need for an accessible, high-profile San Francisco venue devoted to contemporary visual art, performance, and film/video representing diverse cultural and artistic perspectives.

YBCA, seen by many in the Bay Area as a catalyst for local and regional artistic activity and as a leader in arts ecology and in the community, is making a push to get more art on the street and to support artists in different ways.