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Governor Gavin Newsom has a $10 million plan to consolidate the state's confusing array of child care programs that are administered by multiple state agencies. 

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California will consider legislation that would wipe the low-level criminal records of about 2 million people going back decades, part of a lawmaker's second attempt to remove barriers to finding work or housing.

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Bernie Sanders has scored a resounding victory in Nevada’s presidential caucuses. His win on Saturday cements his status as the Democrats' national front-runner, though it's also escalating tensions over whether he’s too liberal to defeat President Donald Trump.

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The Oakland Police Commission voted unanimously Thursday to fire the city's first female police chief without cause. Commission chair, Regina Jackson, says Chief Anne Kirkpatrick's ouster comes after the department failed to comply with court-ordered reforms.

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California legislators are expected to pass a resolution condemning the state’s role in the U.S. government’s internment of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

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San Francisco has agreed to pay $225,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by seven African Americans who say they were targeted because of their race in a sting operation intended to arrest dealers selling drugs near schools.

The Environmental Protection Agency has named a former attorney for the nation's largest utility to head its West Coast office.

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California utilities will continue to shut off electricity during dangerous fire conditions to prevent sparking deadly wildfires.

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Millions of Californians have little or no choice when it comes to choosing a state legislator this year. In 24 of the 100 districts on the March 3 primary election ballot, only candidates from one party are running. And in 15 of those districts, the incumbent lawmaker is unopposed.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom says California has completed 34 of the forest thinning projects it rushed to finish in the past year as a way to buffer 200 communities at high risk from wildfires.

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You’ve probably been flooded with information on social media about a new coronavirus that’s emerged from the central Chinese city of Wuhan. To cut through all the noise, KALW has a local update.

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San Francisco's new top prosecutor says his office will no longer ask for cash bail as a condition for defendants’ pretrial release, fulfilling one of his key campaign promises.

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California lawmakers are considering upending the state's struggling bottle and can recycling program by requiring beverage distributors to create a new system to take back their own containers.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a week-long, statewide tour promoting his $1 billion effort to address one of California's most pressing and politically fraught problems — its growing homeless crisis.

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California could become the first state with its own prescription drug label under a proposal Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled Thursday.


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Facebook says it will clamp down on efforts to use its services to interfere with the 2020 U.S. census.

Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are making the broadest efforts so far to win California, the biggest prize in the Democratic presidential primary.

California's rebate program to entice more drivers to purchase electric vehicles has gotten less generous,  especially for those looking to buy luxury models.


New research shows U.S. teens who use electronic cigarettes prefer those made by Juul Labs, and mint is the favorite flavor for many of them, suggesting a shift after the company stopped selling fruit and dessert flavors in stores.

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For much of the United States, invasive grass species are making wildfires more frequent, especially in fire-prone California, a new study finds.

Twelve non-native species act as "little arsonist grasses," said study co-author Bethany Bradley, a University of Massachusetts professor of environmental conservation.

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Some of the people rushing to emergency rooms thought the CBD vape they inhaled would help like a gentle medicine. Others puffed it for fun.

What the vapors delivered instead was a jolt of synthetic marijuana, and with it an intense high of hallucinations and even seizures.

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Indian Island off the coast of Northern California was the site of a massacre, a place that was contaminated by a shipyard and flush with invasive species.

It's also the spiritual and physical center of the universe for the small Wiyot Tribe, and it will belong to them almost entirely Monday after a city deeds all the land it owns on the island to the tribe.

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Earthquake early warning alerts will become publicly available throughout California for the first time this week, potentially giving people time to protect themselves from harm, the Governor's Office of Emergency Services said Wednesday.

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One of California's largest hospital systems has reached an agreement to settle a massive class-action lawsuit over allegations that it abused its market power and has been overcharging patients for medical bills.


The first data from an experiment in a California city where needy people get $500 a month from the government shows they spend most of it on things like food, clothing and utility bills.

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Engaged in environmental battles with the Trump administration on multiple fronts, California Gov. Gavin Newsom angered some allies on Friday by vetoing a bill aimed at blunting federal rollbacks of clean air and endangered species regulations in the state.

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President Donald Trump threatened to unleash the Environmental Protection Agency on San Francisco Wednesday after a California visit during which he blamed the homelessness crisis on "liberal" policies. 

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that his administration is revoking California's authority to set auto mileage standards stricter than those issued by federal regulators, a move critics said would result in less fuel efficient cars that create more planet-warming pollution.

In a tweet, Trump said his action would result in less expensive, safer cars. He also predicted Americans would purchase more new cars, which would result in cleaner air as older models are taken off the roads.

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  Southern California Edison says electricity has been restored to nearly 11,000 customers in two Sierra Nevada counties where wildfire danger forced a power shutdown.