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 Clara’s father was jealously protective of her money making potential and he did everything in his power to keep her from seeing Robert Schumann. But Clara and Robert had other plans.

Featured music: Robert Schumann's Piano Quintet in Eb Major, Op. 44


Prog 3 of 8: Clara Weick

Oct 21, 2019

Clara was a mother of 8, wife to the famous Robert Schumann, a skilled composer and one of the most celebrated concert pianists of her time with a career spanning more than 50 years…. But before all that, she was Clara Wieck  from Leipzig. 

 Featured music: Clara Schumann's Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 17___________________

After witnessing Brahms’ immense talent, Robert Schumann wrote a now infamous article that was supposed to praise Brahms. But young Johannes was not yet ready for the sudden fame.

Featured music: Johaness Brahms Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 51, No. 1


KALW's David Latulippe is the host.  Mondays 9-10pm.

Fall 2019:  A Triangle for the Ages

Our 14th season, entitled “A Love for the Ages.” is all about the relationship between Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. When Brahms finally made his 

introduction to the Schumann household music history would be forever changed, but the journey that all three of them would embark upon would be filled with emotional turmoil and unrequited love.

Join Dr. Robert Greenberg and the Alexander String Quartet Mondays at 9pm for Explorations in Music, “A Triangle For The Ages.”

Multi-talented musician Cellista: Sights & Sounds

Nov 2, 2017

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene. Multi-disciplinary artist Cellista will be opening her show Transfigurations on 11/17-11/18 at Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco. Cellista told KALW’s Jackie Sojico about three fantastic arts events happening around the Bay Area this week.

Courtesy of Community Music Center

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. Our guest is Martha Rodriguez-Salazar: musician and teacher at Community Music Center in San Francisco’s Mission District.

The Alexander String Quartet and Dr. Robert Greenberg examine the String Quartet in a time of War - featuring the music of Benjamin Britten and his contemporaries.  Hosted by David Latulippe.  Mondays at 9pm.

Robert Greenberg and the Alexander String Quartet investigate the colorful and tragic life of one of the most prolific composers in the history of western Music, Franz Schubert in this latest KALW collaboration with San Francisco Performances.   David Latulippe is your host.   Concludes Monday 5/27 at 9pm.