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filing taxes

  • Your tax filings are coming due in just about two weeks.Tonight, on your legal rights, we will focus on tips for preparation and filing of your state and local taxes.YLR Host, Jeff Hayden, is joined by Frank Adam, of Pacifica, -- Frank is an, attorney, real estate broker and certified public accountant – and Cindy Ho of Cindy Ho Law, APC, in San Jose, now in her 20th year and focused extensively on tax controversy and litigation.Questions for Jeff and his guests? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • On this edition of Your Call, we'll find out how our tax dollars are being spent. According to the National Priorities Project, the average taxpayer spends $929 for military contractors, $62 for nuclear weapons, $62 for deportations and border control and only $7 for anti-homelessness programs and $5 for renewable energy. Then we'll find out what it will take to tax the wealthiest in order to fund desperately needed programs.
  • It's tax season. Tax Filings are due on April 15th.YLR Host, Jeff Hayden, is joined by Cindy Ho, to give tax filing tips and, best of all, to answer your questions. Call us, toll free, at (866) 782-8255.
  • Whether you own a business or are filing your personal return, our tax lawyers are here to answer your tax-filing questions.
  • This year’s taxes, as always, features changes to tax law we were all trying to digest. What is new as of the end of 2020? How did the Coronavirus change…
  • Last year’s taxes featured major changes to tax law we were all trying to digest. what is new as of the end of 2019? How did the Coronavirus change the…