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Dean Johnson

  • Host Jeff Hayden and Dean Johnson evaluate the charges pending against former President Trump and how they relate to the upcoming presidential election.
  • Marjorie Taylor-Green first voiced the idea of a national divorce. Given the source, is it really to be taken seriously? Is there a case to be made?Tonight's YLR Host, Dean Johnson, is joined by New York Times columnist David French.Questions for Dean and his guest? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • The deep divisions between us have people asking are we still one nation? If so, how long? Questions that were on the fringe of political debate have become mainstream. With such issues looming as the right to choose vs. the right to life, the second amendment vs. gun control, closed borders – and who gets to patrol them – vs. sanctuary cities, the peaceful transition of power vs. the January 6th insurrection, evangelism vs. secularism or even free markets vs. democratic socialism, are the divisions between us so deep that red states and blue states are heading for a break up? Most important of all, what should we do about it?Tonight, YLR Hosts Jeff Hayden and Dean Johnson are joined by David French, the author of Divided We Fall: The Secession Threat And How To Restore Our Nation.Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Please call (866) 798-8255.
  • In the past two weeks, we discussed the implications of recent United States Supreme Court decisions, particularly the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Tonight we wrap up that discussion, and move on to a Birdseye view of the Historic 2021-22 session.In the first half hour, YLR host Jeff Hayden, tonight's co-host Dean Johnson and Appellate Attorney Anne Voigts conclude our look at the Dobbs case, and an overview of the response in both red and blue states.In the second half hour, YLR host Jeff Hayden and Appellate Attorney Anne Voigts discuss various criminal and civil cases decided by the United States Supreme Court this past term, and take a look at what is coming up in the year to come.As always, we welcome your questions, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • Are we in the midst of a genuine constitutional crisis?After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, we asked our experts: what’s next? Are our other constitutional right in jeopardy.It has been a mere two weeks since that show aired. In those few days, many of the dire consequences that our guests mentioned have come true. Many others are on the horizonTwo weeks ago we asked: are reproductive rights safe? Tonight, we ask: are we in the midst of a genuine constitutional crisis? Are any of our rights safe?YLR guest host, Dean Johnson, is joined by Ben Feuer, Chairman California Appellate Law Group, Professor Lawrence Douglas, the James J. Grosfeld Professor of Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought at Amherst College, and Anne Voigts, partner at King & Spalding.Questions for Dean and his guests? Call us, toll-free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • Is the state removing itself from rent and eviction controls? Are cities enacting rent control?How is it some remain protected against eviction, under a moratorium, while others are not?Joining YLR Host Jeff Hayden, and tonight's host Dean Johnson, are three of the best: Jessica Chylik, David Finkelstein and Sal Timpano.Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Call us, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • More and more people are back in the workplace, bringing with them familiar problems; others returned to find a toxic work environment. Claims of workplace harassment are on the rise, and may be a cause of the so-called “great resignation.”If you find yourself in an oppressive work environment, what do you do?In conjunction with the california lawyers association: Your Legal Rights is looking at workplace harassment. YLR host, Jeff Hayden, and tonight’s co-host, Dean Johnson, are joined by Pasadena attorney Ramit Mizrahi, the principal at Mizrahi Law, and the President of Extti, Incorporated of Bell Canyon, California, Attorney Michael Robbins. Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Call us, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.
  • YLR Host Jeff Hayden is joined by tonight’s co-host, Emmy nominated NBC political and legal analyst Dean Johnson.In our first segment, we are joined by David Nazzaro; together we will look at the emergence of sovereign citizens upsetting the norms under which the stem operates, metes out justiceAs most of you probably know, a draft of what may become the supreme court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health – a major decision -- was leaked to the press on Monday, an occurrence that heretofore has been very, very rare if it has even occurred before at all. Our second segment features Ben Feuer, Chairman of the California Appellate Law Group, who explains how the leak indicates a sea change, affecting the image and operation of the high court, and where this might lead. The draft opinion indicates that the court is preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade. Our third segment features Emily Beach, former Burlingame city councilmember and the lone woman in a local congressional race, who as a catholic, and the mother of two teenagers, discusses the responsibilities of motherhood and the first-hand the difficult reproductive choices women face.Our final segment provides a chance for hosts, our guests, and callers alike, to see if these developments coincide by accident, or represent a further erosion of social norms. For tonight’s special program, we will only accept calls in the final half-hour.Join Jeff, Dean and their guests by calling (866) 798-8255.
  • Whether one contends that animals themselves have rights, or we have responsibilities as pet owners or community members, this area of law is developing rapidly. Joining YLR Host Jeff Hayden and tonight's co-host Dean Johnson are Valerie Mccarthy, Interim Executive Director of Redwood City based Pets In Need, and Corey Page of San Francisco’s Evans & Page, who represents the nation’s premier animal advocacy organizations.Questions for Jeff and Dean's guests? Please call us, toll free, at (866) 298-8255.
  • Remember hooking up that first desktop and making you first internet connection? The promises this would open up a window to the world, provide unlimited information and education, and open up the world to commerce? How has it all panned out?The founders of today’s “Big Tech” aren’t kids working out of their garages anymore; they are amongst the wealthiest people in the history of the world. It is claimed that in their quest for profits, Big Tech has distorted elections, and damaged the self-esteem and body image of teens.Tonight, YLR Guest-Host Dean Johnson is joined by the authors of System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong And How We Can Reboot, a forward-thinking manifesto from three Stanford professors—experts who have worked at ground zero of the tech revolution for decades—which reveals how Big Tech’s obsession with optimization and efficiency has sacrificed fundamental human values and outlines steps we can take to change course, renew our democracy, and save ourselves.Questions for Dean and his guests? Please call, toll-free at (866) 798-8255.