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Charles Stone

  • Two weeks ago, we asked “Are The Guardrails Coming Off?”We got a lot of feedback from listeners who were concerned, frustrated, angry or just plain fed up with such things as “flash mob” retail theft, Random violence, so called “smash and grab” robberies, amongst what is perceived as an atmosphere of rising crime in the Bay Area; they wanted to hear from people on the front lines, with boots on the ground.In our final episode in the series, we want to flip the narrative and talk about solutions more than problems, and where there might be emerging light at the end of the tunnel.Tonight YLR Host, Jeff Hayden and co-host NBC legal and political analyst Dean Johnson, are joined by guests District Attorney Jeff Rosen of Santa Clara County, and Attorney Charles Stone, currently the Mayor of the City of Belmont and a Candidate for the Board of Supervisors of San Mateo County, and political writer Mark Simon, who has reported the behind the scenes of Bay Area goings on for three decades.Who better to discuss such troubling developments? Why that would be you, of course.Questions for Jeff, Dean or their guests? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.