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anti-gun violence

  • In recent months, there have been an uptick in the number of mass-casualty shooting events. Despite the publicity surrounding two recent events occurring in California, California has been said to have the most restrictive laws in the nation and has one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation.Next week, our discussion continues as we take a look at some of these gun-control measures. Tonight, we will discuss one of the tools to address gun violence before it happens, the gun violence restraining order. California’s red flag law allows people in certain specified roles or with specified relationships to an individual to seek a gun violence restraining order to remove firearms from a person who has been deemed a threat to themselves or someone else.But who is to decide who is deemed a threat? What standards will that person apply?Joining YLR Host, Jeff Hayden, is Lance Bayer, a municipal attorney in private practice. Questions for Jeff and his guest? Please call us at (866) 798-8255.
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