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State of the Bay

Covid Update/Aid in Dying Laws/Pandemic Pups

TONIGHT: We get the latest on spiking Covid rates and what the new Monkeypox virus might mean for the Bay Area.
THEN: How are "Aid-in-Dying" laws working for terminally ill patients? We'll find out when we talk to cultural anthropologist Anita Hannig about her new book, The Day I Die.
PLUS: We'll find out how the pandemic pups are faring.

HOSTS: Ethan Elkind with guest host Adnan Khan
PRODUCERS: Anne Harper and Wendy Holcombe
ENGINEER: David Kwan


Erin Allday, San Francisco Chronicle health reporter

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, infectious disease specialist at UCSF

Anita Hannig, cultural anthropologist and author of The Day I Die

Kristy Lai, of Happy Hound and Oakland Animal Services