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Counting Your Votes: why can't they get it right?

Our final show of 2022, just five weeks ago, proved prophetic. We asked what would happen if government, at any level, paired ranked-choice voting with proprietary software, and made a mistake; how would we ever know? The very next day, that very scenario was unveiled in Alameda County, when election officials came to realize they had declared the wrong winner in a race.

The officials determined that as a result of rank choice voting had been misapplied, they declared the wrong candidate as the winner.

As we go to air tonight, some twelve weeks after the election -- even after certifying the election – the court ordered a review in the Alameda County School Board, District Four ballots. And while the attorneys for the two candidates get to review those ballots, and watch as the sausage is being made, the court order does not go so far as to overturn the results; at least not yet.

And then what happens? And just what is the state of elections in California?

YLR Host, Jeff Hayden, is joined, once again, by Brent Turner, the real activist. Questions for Jeff and his guest? Please call, toll free, at (866) 798-8255.