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2021: Are The Guardrails Coming Off? – Part One

Tonight we begin a two-part series, devoted to 2021, a year that began with the attack on the capitol and racially inspired violence, and is ending with brazen thefts by flash mobs infiltrating the holiday shopping season. We wanted to close out the year with a look at where we stand as a society, in the bay area, in the nation and even globally.

YLR Host Jeff Hayden and tonight's co-host, Dean Johnson, are joined by Professors Andy Barlow and Lawrence Douglas.

Among tonight’s topics:

  • The great resignation;
  • Violence on airplanes;
  • Conspiracy theorists
  • Flash mob retail theft;
  • Soaring homicide rates;
  • Random violence against ethnic minorities;
  • School shootings
  • Police shootings
  • Vigilante justice

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