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Avoiding meat & dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact

On this edition of Your Call, we discuss the connections between our food choices and the climate crisis, deforestation, species extinction, water scarcity, world hunger, and other issues.

A 2018 Science study says avoiding or greatly reducing meat and dairy is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on the Earth. It found more than 80 percent of farmland is used for livestock but produces just 18 percent of food calories and 37 percent of protein.

Activists say there is still time to take action, but we must act swiftly and motivate millions of people around the globe to take action. On June 1, activists will be discussing these issues at the Compassionate Eating Conference in Novato, CA.


Hope Bohanec, executive director of Compassionate Living, author of "The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?" and "The Humane Hoax: Essays Exposing the Myth of Happy Meat, Humane Dairy, and Ethical Eggs," and host of the Hope for the Animals podcast

lauren Ornelas, founder of the Food Empowerment Project


The Guardian: Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth

The Compassionate Eating Conference: June 1 at 1pm at the Marin Humane Auditorium in Novato, CA

Rose Aguilar has been the host of Your Call since 2006. She became a regular media roundtable guest in 2001. In 2019, the San Francisco Press Club named Your Call the best public affairs program. In 2017, The Nation named it the most valuable local radio show.