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'A New War on Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention'

On this edition of Your Call’s Media Roundtable, we have a conversation with award-winning journalist Kristina Marusic about her new book, A New War on Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention. For more than 50 years, we have been waging, but not winning, the war on cancer. We’re better than ever at treating the disease, yet cancer still claims the lives of one in five men and one in six women in the US.

Studies have shown that up to two-thirds of all cancer cases are linked to preventable environmental causes. Marusic writes that today, very little cancer funding is allocated to reducing our exposure to cancer-causing chemicals in our air, water, food, or personal care products—something that affects every single one of us, no matter how smart our lifestyle choices are.

How we can minimize our exposure to toxic chemicals? And what is limiting our progress in preventing environmentally-caused cancer?


Kristina Marusic, author and investigative reporter covering environmental health and justice for Environmental Health News, and author of A New War on Cancer: The Unlikely Heroes Revolutionizing Prevention

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