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Your Call

'Tyranny of the Minority' co-authors say democracy is at a crossroads

Steven Levitksy (left) and co-author Daniel Ziblatt

On this edition of Your Call, Steven Levitsky will discuss his new book, Tyranny of the Minority.

Levitsky and his co-author Daniel Ziblatt are both Harvard professors of government studies. They write: “...the conditions that gave rise to the Trump presidency—a radicalized party empowered by a pre-democratic constitution—remain in place. We stand at a crossroads: either America will be a multiracial democracy or it will not be a democracy at all. As the civil rights generation passes into history, the work of building a truly multiracial democracy falls upon us. Future generations will hold us to account.”


Steven Levitsky, professor of government and Latin American studies, director of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University, and co-author of the bestselling How Democracies Die, andTyranny of the Minority

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