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One Planet: The future of food policy, from universal free school lunches to the farm bill

On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, Professor Marion Nestle joins us to discuss the future of food policy and her new memoir, Slow Cooked: An Unexpected Life in Food Politics.

As a public health nutritionist, Professor Nestle has spent her career advocating for changes to the agricultural system so everyone has enough nutritious food to eat. She also works to educate the public about the links between food and politics.

Most of the food produced in the US goes toward feeding animals and providing fuel for automobiles. Forty percent of corn is grown for ethanol. How can we create a food system that promotes public health?


Marion Nestle, renowned public health advocate, Emerita Professor of nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University, and author of Slow Cooked: An Unexpected Life in Food Politics and The Food Politics blog

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