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Media Roundtable: Key takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries

Office of Representative Liz Cheney

On this edition of Your Call's Media Roundtable, we have a conversation with The Nation's John Nichols about Tuesday's primaries, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary loss, and her record in Congress. Third-term congresswoman Liz Cheney and 7 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have either lost primary races or are retiring from Congress.

John Nichols writes that Cheney’s record is that of an extreme right-wing advocate for positions that have mirrored those of Trump when it comes to attacking immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and Democrats. Before her split with the 45th president, she voted with him 93 percent of the time. And she has an ugly history of exploiting political divisions by promoting Big Lies, as Cheney did when she refused to reject Trump’s vile “birther” lies about former President Barack Obama, and when she claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris “sounds just like Karl Marx.”


John Nichols, national-affairs correspondent for The Nation and author of several books, including The Fight for the Soul of the Democratic Party: The Enduring Legacy of Henry Wallace's Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist Politics

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