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Supreme Court expands the right to carry concealed weapons, limits Miranda rights & rejects death row precedent

The Supreme Court
Mark Sherman
The Supreme Court

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss Supreme Court decisions. The court has struck down a New York law that limits the right to carry concealed handguns. The court has effectively rendered gun restrictions presumptively unconstitutional. This is a revolution in 2nd Amendment law, according to Slate reporter Mark Joseph Stern.

The court also ruled that suspects cannot sue for a violation of their civil rights when police fail to provide them with Miranda warnings. Justice Kagan, dissenting, says the majority's diminishment of Miranda will ensure that people who are "wrongly convicted and spend years in prison" will have no remedy for "all the harm" they suffered.

On Tuesday, the court ruled that taxpayer money can now be used to pay for religious education, further weakening the separation of church and state. The National Education Association says the radical ruling further erodes public education.

The high court also issued decisions affecting health insurance payments, disability payments for veterans, and people in prison challenging convictions and sentences in federal court.


Mary Kusler, senior director of the National Education Association's Center for Advocacy and Political Action

Hassan Kanu, reporter for Reuters, covering race, justice and equality under the law


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