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As The 2020 Election Ramps Up, Will Voting Be Any Safer?

Frederic J. Brown | AFP | Getty Images
Voters cast their ballots for Early Voting at the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office in Norwalk, California on November 5, 2018, a day ahead the November 6 midterm elections in the United States. ";

On the next Your Call, we’ll discuss election security and touchscreen voting machines.

What can we expect in November’s presidential election? According to the Brennan Center for Justice, over 16 million people will vote on paperless machines this year. Most of them will vote on machines owned by two companies, Election Systems and Software and Dominion Voting. Most leading election security experts oppose electronic voting and favor hand-marked paper ballots.



Dr. Barbara Simons, computer scientist and board chair of Verified Voting

Kim Zetter, investigative journalist covering cybersecurity and author of Countdown to Zero Day


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