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Americans Owe $1.6 Trillion In Student Debt - What Will It Take To Solve This Crisis?

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Students protesting student loans.

On this edition of Your Call, we’ll discuss the student loan debt crisis in the US. Americans owe over $1.65 trillion dollars in student loans.

One in five people carry student debt, which severely impacts their ability to save money, buy homes, and start families, but it's not just young and middle aged people who are struggling. Three million people over 60 have student loans. With some Democratic presidential candidates proposing to eliminate student loan debt, can we stop this crisis and make higher education affordable for all? 


Natalia Abrams, Executive Director of Student Debt Crisis 

Michelle Hackman, National Education Policy Reporter at The Wall Street Journal

Evan Rodgers, Audience Lead for Engadget who is living out of his car to pay off student loans


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