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'Sea of Shadows' is an urgent call to action to save the endangered vaquita

On this edition of Your Call, we'll discuss Sea of Shadows, a new documentary that follows a team of scientists, journalists, and undercover agents as they put their lives on the line to save the vaquita. There are fewer than 15 left in the Sea of Cortez. 

When Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers poach the rare totoaba fish, their nets also kill the vaquita. Is there still time to save the planet’s smallest whale? 

Find a full list of screenings of Sea of Shadows here. It will open in San Francisco on July 19 at the AMC Metreon 16.


Richard Ladkani, award-winning director of Sea of Shadows

Dr. Cynthia Smith, executive director  of the National Marine Mammal Foundation and program manager of VaquitaCPR

Andrea Crosta, executive director and co-founder of Earth League International 

Jack Hutton, drone operator for Sea Shepherd

Web Resources:

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Rose Aguilar has been the host of Your Call since 2006. She became a regular Friday media roundtable guest in 2001.