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How can we fight racial, gender biases we don't know we have?

A still from "Bias," a documentary by Robin Hauser that explores unconscious bias.

  On this edition of Your Call, we talk with filmmaker Robin Hauser. In her new documentary “Bias,” Hauser explores the science around implicit bias and the people finding ways to mitigate it.

After she took an Implicit Association Test, Hauser was stunned to find she had unconscious bias. As humans, we are all biased, but few of us are willing to admit it. The effects of bias make headlines everyday, from sexual harassment to racial profiling. How can we undo the social impacts of our biases when we don’t even know we have them?


Robin Hauser, director and producer of cause-based documentary films at Finish Line Features and President of Unleashed Productions, and creator of the documentary “Bias

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