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Dark Money exposes the truth about how US elections are bought and sold

Montana's State Capitol building at dawn, a still from DARK MONEY, a PBS Distribution release


When journalist John Adams tried to figure out why big donors were supporting certain candidates in Montana’s elections, he encountered a problem: He couldn’t figure out who the donors were. In the new documentary Dark Money, filmmaker Kimberly Reed follows Adams’ reporting.

The film examines the influence of untraceable corporate money in elections. It shows the real life impact of Citizens United and exposes the truth about how elections are bought and sold. How are citizens and politicians fighting back?


Dark Money opens in the Bay Area Friday, July 27.


Kimberly Reed, filmmaker and documentarian, director and producer of Prodigal Sons, producer, editor and writer of Paul Goodman Changed my Life, and producer of The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

John S. Adams, investigative journalist, founder and editor of the Montana Free Press, an independent nonprofit news agency providing in-depth Montana news and analysis

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