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Your Call: How are Trump's judges changing the courts?



Donald Trump has nominated more than five times as many judges to the federal courts as Barack Obama had at this point in his Presidency. Journalist David Dayen reports that conservatives are delighted. A large infrastructure on the right, including the Federalist Society, is dedicated solely to confirming judges. With a Republican majority in the Senate, Trump's nominees are more likely to be approved quickly.  


How will a new wave of conservative judges change the federal courts? What's at stake? Join the conversation on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.




David Dayen, reporter for The Nation, The Intercept, and The New Republic, and author of Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street's Great Foreclosure Fraud


Dahlia Lithwick, writes about the courts and the law for Slate, and host of the podcast Amicus


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Rose Aguilar has been the host of Your Call since 2006. She became a regular media roundtable guest in 2001. In 2019, the San Francisco Press Club named Your Call the best public affairs program. In 2017, The Nation named it the most valuable local radio show.