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Your Call: What topics would you like us to cover in 2016?


On the January 4th edition of Your Call we’re opening up the lines to listeners.

From climate change to racial and economic disparities, to political turmoil around the world, what topics would you like us to cover in 2016? What are your top priorities in this election year? And how can we best focus on solutions? Join the conversation on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and You.

Listener Ideas:

  • Root causes of major issues. For example: Afghanistan, history of Saudi Arabia and the US.
  • Noam Chomsky.
  • Topics related to corporate takeover of media/politics. 
  • Monsanto and the government (Clarence Thomas/Hilary Clinton).
  • Money being raised by candidates used for advertising.
  • Global warming. More specifically, what individual/government dramatic changes need to happen to stop global warming.
  • Disability. Social security disability. SSI restrictions.
  • David Freeman, energy engineer and lawyer. The future of energy. 
  • Following the money. Where does the money that the government is allotting to oil/gas/farming go?
  • US money in Saudi Arabia and geopolitics.
  • Accountability (PG&E, gas companies).
  • How diplomacy has helped the US in the past. 
  • Author of "Two Dollars A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America"
  • San Francisco police department.
  • Discussion on getting people to the polls to vote. How do we get people to vote?
  • Voter suppression.
  • Threat we are facing from coal. Utah coal through terminal under construction in Oakland.
  • More week long series (Water, media, gas,).
  • David Talbot and the CIA.
  • Black lives matter, police brutality, black lives matter events.
  • Labor issues.
  • Housing issues, removal of working people, and how SF government is treating these issues.
  • The future of Diablo Canyon.
  • Gun violence as domestic terrorism, travesty of the NRA.
  • Michael Bloomberg as a guest.
  • Jewish Voice for Peace and the SFJCC.
  • Far-right's attempts to takeover elected posts.
  • Berkeley citizens going to help refugees at Lesbos island.
  • 2016 is centennial of National Parks Service, appreciating the outdoors.
  • Police Violence.
  • Teaching children empathy. How can we be nicer to each other?
  • Continue to take diverse callers.
  • Authors of the book "Get What's Yours", the social security system and what you are entitled to.
  • Plight of the Palestinians, Gaza being uninhabitable by 2020.
  • Dr. Alice Rosenburg.
  • Syrian refugee crisis and the social dynamics. Communities in Brazil, Turkey. How will the refugees shift the culture of these countries welcoming them?
  • What is the future for Syrian culture?
  • What female refugees are facing.
  • Fight in Vallejo over cement plant at the mouth of the Napa river, Voices of Vallejo group.
  • Donald Trump's press mentions compared to Bernie Sanders.
  • Noise pollution, SFO noise complaints. 
  • Public education, funding for our teachers, standardized testing, trend toward less recess and more academics at a young age.
  • A4NR in Diablo Canyon.
  • Gift economy, people longing for generosity based actions rather than working for their own.
  • Reducing reliance on fossil fuels, petroleum.
  • Human trafficking in San Francisco.
  • Displacement of district 5 and Mission residents.
  • What does affordable housing mean?
  • Michael Moore's housing project in Michigan for refugees.
  • Japanese astronomers discovering a parallel universe.
  • Nuclear weapons.
  • Jonathan Simon, author of "Code Red" book about election fraud.
  • Hilary Clinton and her stance on feminist issues, her foreign policy and track record.
  • Suicide clusters in high school students and in the military.
  • Iranian visa issue.
  • Attacks on reproductive rights.
  • Vegetarianism and the impacts on global warming.
  • Housing in San Francisco, fast-tracking of buildings.
  • Moving the Warriors arena when the Oakland coliseum is beloved and in good condition.