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Your Call: The Ankara Massacre, New California Laws

capture: youtube
Moment when bomb goes off at Ankara peace rally

On the Oct 16th edition of Your Call, it’s our Friday media roundtable. This week, we’ll discuss the deadly twin bombings in Turkey and mounting anger against the Turkish government.

How are media covering this global story? On the domestic front, California Governor Brown has signed hundreds of bills, including three that curb the over prescribing of psychiatric drugs for foster kids. San Jose Mercury News’ ongoing investigation "Drugging Our Kids," found 1 in 4 California foster teens receive psychiatric medications. What grabbed your attention this week? It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you


Noah Blaser, independent journalist based in Istanbul

Karen De Sa, award winning investigative reporter for the San Jose Mercury News

Brian Leubitz, editor of Calitics.com

Web Resources:

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 San Jose Mercury: California foster care: New laws signed to restrict psychiatric drugs

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San Jose Mercury:  Drugging Our Kids

Calitics: Governor Vetoes AB 465 Banning Mandatory Employment Arbitration