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Your Call: How are young people today tackling environmental issues?


On the October 14th edition of Your Call, we’ll speak with three of this year’s Brower Youth Award winners. 

To date, 92 young environmentalists have been honored for their leadership and innovation. From saving the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and working to green a high school to campaigning for green spaces and urban gardens, this year’s winners are creatively confronting major environmental issues of our time. What can we learn from today’s young environmentalists? 


Celeste Tinajero, as a high school student in drought- stricken Reno, Nevada, rallied her peers to install water and energy conservation appliances in their high school bathrooms.

JP Viñals campaigns for green spaces and urban gardens in the Bronx, New York with Activists Coming To Inform Our Neighborhood (ACTION). 

Ryan Camero led a three-week tour to 18 California cities where he presented Sucked Dry to local audiences and facilitated discussions about the fragile Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta ecosystem.

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