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Your Call: US invasion of Iraq and the rise of ISIS


On the April 24th edition of  Your Call, it’s our Friday media roundtable. This week, we’ll discuss a new report detailing the origins of the so-called Islamic State. We’ll also talk about former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who claims intelligence agencies are to blame for her discredited reporting on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. We’ll be joined by Der Spiegel’s Christoph Reuter, McClatchy’s Mark Seibel, and veteran journalist James Moore. Join the conversation on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar, and you.


Christoph Reuter, Middle East correspondent for Der Spiegel

Mark Seibel, chief of correspondents for McClatchy Newspapers

James Moore, Emmy-winning former television news correspondent and co-author of Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential and Adios, Mofo: Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush

Web Resources:

Der Spiegel: The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State

Texas to the World: The Little Tubes of Terror

Washington Post: The hidden hand behind the Islamic State militants? Saddam Hussein’s

Huffington Post: That Awful Power: How Judy Miller Screwed Us All

The Guardian: How Chalabi and the White House held the front page