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What's ahead this week on Your Call?  Check out our upcoming show topics...  If you have ideas about people we should be talking to, questions we should be asking, resources we should know about -- drop us a line at feedback@yourcallradio.org or post a comment right here!  

Tuesday 3/26 Is there a debtors’ agenda?  One of the more interesting offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement is "Strike Debt" which is using the unifying experience of debt as an organizing principle for the 99% . . . the first local manifestation of this was a "Debtors' Assembly" in February in Oakland.  So we'll follow up with an on-air debtors' assembly.  If you are saddled with debt -- personal, credit card, medical, small business -- call in and talk about your experiences.  What would help you get out of the debt cycle?   Can people who are trying to get out of debt join together and make a movement? 

Wednesday 3/27 Can a state budget promote racial equality?  The Greenlining Institute has a new report out that analyzes Jerry Brown’s proposed budget from the perspective of its impact on California’s communities of color.  How do budgetary priorities create inequality – or reduce it?  Would a budget created with improving the prospects of communities of color be better for everyone?  And in a state where the “minority majority” has diverse needs within it (i.e. to what extent do Chinese-Americans in SF have shared interests with Mexican-Americans in the Salinas Valley?) does this lens for analyzing the budget make sense?  We don't normally talk about how budget policies affect people of color.  Should we do that more?     

Thursday 3/28 Should plastic manufacturers be held responsible for plastic pollution?  What would corporate responsibility look like for the plastics and packaging industry?  Given the overwhelming amount of plastics that end up in the environment, what responsibility do the corporations have for limiting/mitigating and/or cleaning up this waste?   What about plastic bag bans?  Are they helping?  Do we need more legislation to hold corporations responsible?  And who's really behind these businesses?  

Friday 3/29 Media Roundtable 

Monday 4/1 What happens when people speak truth to power?  We’ll highlight two films from the Human Rights Film Festival at University of San Francisco.