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Today on Your Call: What is the future of the US Postal Service?

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On today's Your Call, we continue our Agenda for a New Economy show by talking about the post office. The USPS is facing thousands of staff cuts and post office closures after an almost $16 billion loss in 2012.  Critics are calling for the post office to be privatized.  But what do we lose if mail delivery is no longer a universal government service? How do you think the post office should run?  It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar and you.


Gray Brechin, historical geographer; visiting professor at UC Berkeley; founder and project scholar of California’s Living New Deal Project,

David Welsh, retired letter carrier for the USPS in Daly City and former organizer with the Letter Carriers Union

Richard John, professor of journalism at Columbia and author of Spreading the News: The American Postal System from Franklin to Morse

Maurice McTigue, vice president at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University;  former cabinet member and member of New Zealand's Parliament and assisted in overhauling that country's postal service. 


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