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What's ahead this week on Your Call?  Check out our upcoming show topics...  If you have ideas about people we should be talking to, questions we should be asking, resources we should know about -- drop us a line at feedback@yourcallradio.org or post a comment right here!  

Tuesday 2/26 What is the future of the US Postal Service?  On the next Your Call, we continue our Agenda for a New Economy show by talking about the post office. The USPS is facing thousands of staff cuts and post office closures after an almost $6 billion loss in 2012.  Critics are calling for the post office to be privatized.  But what do we lose if mail delivery is no longer a universal government service? How do you think the post office should run?  It’s Your Call with Rose Aguilar and you.    

Wednesday 2/27 How is fracking affecting our food and water supply? Journalist, Elizabeth Royte, who wrote an article for The Nation Magazine called "Fracking our Food Supply" says: "there’s growing evidence that these two impulses, toward energy and food independence, may be at odds with each other."  She interviewed farmers and ranchers like Jacki Schilke in North Dakota who has seen her animals drop dead and her own health decline after fracking began near her land.  So what do we need to know about the affects of hydraulic fracturing on our food and water and health? 

Thursday 2/28 What defines “progress” for women?  This year is the 50th anniversary of Betty Friedan’s landmark book, The Feminine Mystique, which was credited with sparking the second wave of feminism in the early 60s.  How far have we come from Friedan’s original critique?  What does it mean to talk about “women’s issues” today?  Where is the women’s movement?   If you read it in the 60s how did it affect you?  If you're part of a younger generation, how do you relate to the word "feminism"?

Friday 3/1 Friday Media Roundtable 

Monday 3/4 What's the connection between the history of US foreign policy and immigration patterns?  Interview with Juan Gonzalez about his documentary, Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in America.  He says: "“We are all Americans of the New World, and our most dangerous enemies are not each other, but the great wall of ignorance between us.”  So this documentary aims to explore "the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today."