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What's up this week on Your Call?

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  What's ahead this week on Your Call?  Check out our upcoming show topics...  If you have ideas about people we should be talking to, questions we should be asking, resources we should know about -- drop us a line at feedback@yourcallradio.org or post a comment right here!  


Tuesday 2/12 How should cities and communities deal with the growing elderly homeless population? It's our weekly Agenda for a New Economy show.  We'll have a conversation about older homeless people.  Their numbers are expected to double by 2050, but they're rarely mentioned when we discuss the homeless population.  So who are they?  And what factors are contributing to the rise in homelessness among older people? what programs are in place to help this vulnerable and growing segment of our society?  


Wednesday 2/13 How do we grieve? An interview with Meghan O’Rourke, author of The Long Goodbye: A Memoir of GriefPerhaps the most enduring psychiatric idea about grief," she writes, "is the idea that people need to “let go” in order to move on; yet studies have shown that some mourners hold on to a relationship with the deceased with no notable ill effects. (In China, mourners regularly speak to dead ancestors, and one study has shown that the bereaved there suffer less long-term distress than bereaved Americans do.)"  So what is are our personal and cultural relationships to grief? How do we connect with each other around our grieving processes?  What has your experience been with grieving?


Thursday 2/14  How do we stop violence against women?  February 14th is not only Valentine's Day, it's "V-Day," the day that the organization One Billion Rising has a coordinated dance flash mob to spread awareness about violence against women and to empower women and girls.  Also, The Violence Against Women Act is up for reauthorization.  It’s predicted to pass in the Senate but stall in the House.  What’s the impact of this kind of legislation? And how can honest conversations to young people help stop the cycle of violence?  


Friday 2/15 On this week's Friday Media Roudtable, we'll talk to photojournalists Kael Alford and Thorne Anderson who have an exhibition up at San Francisco's DeYoung museum-- Unembedded: Eye Level in Iraq.  As the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq approaches, this exhibition shows the war through its impact on the lives of Iraqi people. 

**Is there a photo that's had an impact on you?  Let us know!  Post it here or send it to us at feedback@yourcallradio.org.