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Today on Your Call: Friday Media Roundtable: Election Coverage

On today's Your Call, it’s our Friday media roundtable. This week, we’ll have a conversation about media coverage of the presidential election and the machinery of the Democratic Party. How are the media covering President Obama’s record on domestic and foreign policy and what’s to come? We’ll be joined by the Middle East Report’s Chris Toesing, Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzales, and TIME’s Michael Scherer. Where did you see the best reporting this week? Join us live at 10 or post your comment here. It’s Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.


Juan Gonzalez, an award-winning columnist of the New York Daily News and co host of Democry Now!

Michael Scherer, the White House correspondent for TIME

Chris Toensing, editor of Middle East Report

Web Resources:

Middle East Research and Information Project

TIME: Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win

The New York Review of Books: The Politics of Fear

WIRED: 4 More Drones! Robot Attacks Are on Deck for Obama’s Next Term

Daily News: Latinos and other minorities boost President Obama's margin of victory in 2012 election

Harvest of Empire: the film: The Untold Story of Latinos in America