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The Spot: Ways of Hearing

Is an analog recording superior to its digital counterpart? The podcast "Ways of Hearing" points out the differences and let's you decide.

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

Time,” from the Ways of Hearing series, featured on the podcast Showcase from Radiotopia, August 2017.

The first series from the Radiotopia podcast "Showcase"

As The Spot is a place for showcasing stories from podcasts that don’t have a home on the radio dial, the new podcast Showcase is a program that creates a space for podcast ideas that don’t necessitate their own, endless podcast feed. Plus, it’s made by the curatorial powers-that-be at the Radiotopia network. So, not too shabby!

The first season of Showcase is titled Ways of Hearing, a six-episode series about listening in the digital age from acclaimed musician Damon Krukowski, who you might know from the hit indie bands Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi. The first episode of the series focuses on time, including how much it influences digital recording, and how it changes the way we sound and how we listen. 

Keep up with Ways of Hearing, Showcase, and all of the cutting-edge podcasts from the Radiotopia family at radiotopia.fm

The Mysterious Headphone Dancers of Minneapolis,” produced by Nancy Rosenbaum for KFAI’s 10,000 Fresh Voices series, October 2016.

Silent discos. You may have seen one before: a few dozen people, headphones on, and dancing around to music only they can hear. You might have scoffed when you first saw one, but participants swear up and down that it’s fun and they feel connected to those around them, like having the most enjoyable shared secret possible. 

From KFAI in Minneapolis, we bring you a sonic profile that demonstrates how listening digitally, alone together might be a great thing to do. You can hear more stories from KFAI’s 10,000 Fresh Voices series at prx.org.

This week's episode featured music from: Black Moth Super RainbowFour Tet, Onra, and Galaxie 500.

If you have a suggestion for a podcast or an audio project we should feature, please drop us a line at thespot@kalw.org.

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