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The Spot: Evolving Identities

Lili Elbe, muse

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

Credit "Lili Elbe" painted by Gerda Wegener

Lili,” produced by Samara Breger for The Heart, February 2015. 

For years, producers of The Heart have woven together sound-rich and sensitive retellings of some of the most intimate stories that happen to us in life, yet rarely are represented on the radio. Like, listening to your inner dialogue when you’re deciding to kiss someone for the first time, or learning the tiny -- yet crushing -- realities of long distance love, and so many other experiences of gender, of sexuality, and of identity... all with incredibly inventive sound design.

And since joining the independent podcast network Radiotopia last year, The Heart is beating stronger than ever, regularly releasing both short and long-form episodes. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or find out more at theheartradio.org


Julie finds her family.

Two Doves,” produced by Jonathan Hirsch for ARRVLS, February 2015.

Transformation is a big theme for the podcast, ARRVLS. Each episode focuses on one story of change and migration. So far, they’ve covered surviving an airplane crash, arriving at boarding school, and dressing up as a superhero to bike ride across America -- and that’s just in its first season. Recently, ARRVLS put the spotlight on a journey that took place right here in the Bay Area. You can hear more stories from ARRVLS at their website, or by subscribing to their podcast on iTunes.


JR Comes to Town,” as told by Jo Coffey for Spark London, May 2011.

I want leave you with one final (and really fun) story of switching identities that was told live at Spark London by Jo Coffey, produced by Matt Hill. If you like The Moth Radio Hour, you’re going to dig Spark London. You can hear more stories and find out about their next live night at sparklondon.com. You can also subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.   


This week's episode featured music from: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Corduroi, OK Ikumi, and Leona Williams.

If you have a suggestion for a podcast or an audio project we should feature, please drop us a line at thespot@kalw.org.

Tune in next week for another episode of The Spot, only on KALW San Francisco.