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The Spot: Let the Mystery Be

From Blank on Blank's animated interview of Zelda Kaplan

This week on KALW's showcase for the best stories from public radio podcasts and independent radio producers...

"Zelda Kaplan on Dancing and Living at 87" produced by David Gerlach, originally airing on Blank on Blank, June 2012.

The podcast Blank on Blank mines backlogs of lost interviews of notable folks, to bring you clips highlighting the funniest, most heartfelt, and all-around best stories from the original tape. 

In this episode, Blank on Blank’s producer, David Gerlach met a New Yorker he just had to talk to, even as she was in the middle of a night out on the town. 

You can find animated videos of Blank on Blank's interview collection on their website.


"Hard to Say" produced by Bente Birkeland, airing on HowSound, August 2014.

HowSound is all about showcasing the unseen work behind some of public radio’s best and most popular stories. This particular episode shows how limitations you can face when recording an interview could lead to a story more special than you imagined.

To hear HowSound's backlog of over 90 podcast episodes, check them out on Transom.org, or subscribe to their show on iTunes.


"Collaborating with the Mystery" produced by Mary Quintas, December 2014.

Bud Brown of the All Worn Out Jug Band.

Last year, independent radio producer Mary Quintas started interviewing the All Worn Out Jug Band. What she thought would be a simple profile, expanded into a story of not only music, but also love and loss and the obligations we are called to fulfill, whether we want to or not.

Mary wrote about the production process for this story for Transom.org (you can read that here). You can also find more of Mary’s work, up now at PRX.org


"Gavin's Roar" produced by David Weinberg, airing on Random Tape, January 2012. 

Gavin and a strawberry (left), and his uncle, David Weinberg (right).

This week, scientists discovered a new species of giant prehistoric reptile, the Nundasuchus. In honor of the discovery, here is probably the best - and cutest - impersonation of a dinosaur, I’ve ever heard. 

For more short snippets of random, sonic goodness, you can subscribe to Random Tape on iTunes.


This week's episode featured music from: Black Moth Super Rainbow, Ramsey Lewis, Mezz Mezzrow, Django Reinhardt, and JohnPrine.

If you have a suggestion for a podcast or an audio project we should feature, please drop us a line at thespot@kalw.org.

Tune in next week for a whole new episode of The Spot, only on KALW San Francisco.