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Almanac Friday 8-5-22


Today is Friday, August 5, 2022, the 217th day of the year; 148 days remain until the end of the year.

  • Sunrise: 6:16am
  • Sunset: 8:13pm

The moon is in its first quarter.

  • Moonrise: 2:14pm
  • Moonset: 12:01am

San Francisco Bay Tides

  • High: 6:49am/6:44pm
  • Low: 12:43am/11:59pm
    Water Temp in Aquatic Park – around 57 degrees

Today’s special holidays and celebrations:

  • Braham Pie Day or Homemade Pie Day
  • International Beer Day
  • National Oyster Day
  • National Underwear Day
  • National Water Balloon Day

On this day in…

1833 - The village of Chicago was incorporated. The population was approximately 250.

1861 - The U.S. federal government levied its first income tax. The tax was 3% of all incomes over $800. The wartime measure was rescinded in 1872.

1864 - During the U.S. Civil War, Union forces led by Adm. David G. Farragut were led into Mobile Bay, Alabama.

1884 - On Bedloe's Island in New York Harbor, the cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was laid.

1914 - The first electric traffic signal lights were installed in Cleveland, Ohio.

1921 - The first play-by-play broadcast of a baseball game was done by Harold Arlin. KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, PA described the action between the Pirates and Philadelphia.

1921 - The cartoon "On the Road to Moscow", by Rollin Kirby, was published in the "New York World". It was the first cartoon to win a Pulitzer Prize.

1923 - Henry Sullivan became the first American to swim across the English Channel.

1944 - Polish insurgents liberated a German labor camp in Warsaw. 348 Jewish prisoners were freed.

1963 - The Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed by the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union. The treaty banned nuclear tests in space, underwater, and in the atmosphere.

1966 - In New York, groundbreaking for the construction of the original World Trade Center began.

1969 - The Mariner 7, a U.S. space probe, passed by Mars. Photographs and scientific data were sent back to Earth.

1974 - President Nixon said that he expected to be impeached. Nixon had ordered the investigation into the Watergate break-in to halt.

1981 - The U.S. federal government started firing striking air traffic controllers.

1986 - It was revealed that artist Andrew Wyeth had secretly created 240 drawings and paintings of his neighbor. The works of Helga Testorf had been created over a 15-year period.

1990 - President George HW Bush angrily denounced the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

1991 - An investigation was formally launched by Democratic congressional leaders to find out if the release of American hostages was delayed until after the Reagan-Bush presidential election.

1991 - Iraq admitted to misleading U.N. inspectors about secret biological weapons.

1998 - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein began not cooperating with U.N. weapons inspectors.

1999 - Music written by Johann Sebastian Bach was found in the Ukraine. The music was thought to have been destroyed over 50 years ago during World War II. The material was found in the musical estate of Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach, who was one of J.S. Bach's children.

2009 - Google purchased its first public company. The company was the video software maker On2 Technologies.

2011 - NASA announced that its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had captured photographic evidence of possible liquid water on Mars during warm seasons.

In addition to, perhaps…you, today’s birthday celebrants include or included…

  • Guy DeMaupassant 1850
  • Ruth Wheeler 1877 - American nutritional scientist
  • John Huston 1906
  • Robert Taylor 1911
  • Neil A. Armstrong 1930
  • Rick Huxley 1940 (or 1942) - Musician (Dave Clark Five)
  • Loni Anderson 1946 - Actress ("WKRP in Cincinnati")
  • Rick Derringer 1947 - Singer
  • Samantha Sang 1953
  • Maureen McCormick 1956 - Actress ("The Brady Bunch")
  • Pat Smear (Foo Fighters) 1959
  • David Baldacci 1960 - Author
  • Mark O'Connor 1961
  • Patrick Ewing 1962
David Latulippe is a radio host and announcer for KALW Public Radio. On Thursdays at 1pm, he hosts "Open Air" - a live interview program focussing on the Bay Area performing arts. He is also a professional voiceover artist and classical flutist, who occasionally channels Sinatra for big band charts.