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"Bay Area Sports Guy" / A Housing Boost? / Censorship Exhibit "unBANNED"

Photo by Laura Rosenhall/CalMatters

"Bay Area Sports Guy" Steve Berman on the 49ers, Warriors, baseball woes, and the new WNBA team; a massive housing boost; exhibit "unBANNED."

Governor Newsom recently signed a whopping 56 new housing bills. Cities are under pressure to build more, and fast. Will the new bills help?

Guests: Sarah Karlinsky of SPUR and Ben Metcalf of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley

Steve Berman, the "Bay Area Sports Guy," now of The Athletic, provides insights: Was the 49ers' shock loss yesterday a fluke? Will the Warriors’ intriguing new roster work? And can the new WNBA team thrive here? @BASportsGuy

PLUS, we’ll cover a new exhibit about censorship, called unBANNED.
Guest: Tamsin Smith, curator at Arion Press Gallery in the Presidio.

Host: Ethan Elkind, Grace Won
Producers: Wendy Holcombe and Chris Nooney