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State of the Bay

Eskenazi on the new DA / Toxic waste at Hunters Point / Oakland's At-Risk Youth

EDITOR'S NOTE: The State of the Bay segment entitled "Toxic Waste at Hunters Point" centered on the June 14, 2022 San Francisco Civil Grand Jury Report titled "Buried Problems and a Buried Process: The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard in a Time of Climate Change." The grand jury report notes that "in 2018, two supervisors of the radiation control technicians working for Tetra Tech EC, Inc. at the Shipyard pled guilty to falsifying remediation records, and were sentenced to eight months in prison." The report also references various federal lawsuits in which Tetra Tech is being sued. According to the grand jury, plaintiffs in those suits, including the U.S. government in certain cases, allege that Tetra Tech "defrauded the government by certifying that minimum standards and procedures for nuclear remediation services were met as part of its contractual obligations," "misrepresented the source of soil samples from Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard and falsified results of radiological surveys conducted at the site," and employed "negligent testing practices and fraud to cover them up," among other allegations. Tetra Tech points out these lawsuits are ongoing, and Tetra Tech has denied the allegations in court.

Does Hunters Point Shipyard make people in the Bayview sick? A new Civil Grand Jury Report states that San Francisco is “poorly prepared” to address the impact of climate change on the area, and that it is not doing enough to protect residents.  What needs to happen now?

PLUS: We’ll talk with Oakland doctor Aisha Mays about her work caring for at-risk youth.


Segment A: New San Francisco D.A.
Joe Eskenazi, Managing Editor and Columnist at Mission Local.

Segment B: Hunter Point Report
Bradley Angel, Executive Director of Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice.

Arieann Harrison, Founder and Executive Director of the Marie Harrison Community Foundation

Segment C: Protecting Oakland's At-Risk Youth
Host Ethan Elkind talks to Dr. Aisha Mays from the Dream Youth Clinic.
Instagram: @dreamyouthclinic
YouTube: Dream Youth Clinic
TikTok: DreamYouthClinic

Producers: Wendy Holcombe, Sam Klein-Markman, Chris Nooney.