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State of the Bay

State of the Bay: Pandemic Learning Loss, School Reopening and Healthy Cooking

This week on State of the Bay, we'll talk about the state of school reopening with SF Chronicle education reporter Jill Tucker.  Then we'll do a deep dive into pandemic learning loss and how it can be addressed with Heather Hough, Executive Director of Policy Analysis for California Education and Lakisha Young, co-founder and CEO of The Oakland Reach.  We'll end with Joseph Pace's interview of Dr. Linda Shiue about her new cookbook, Spicebox Kitchen.

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Wanting more of Dr. Linda Shiue?  Click here for the unedited version of host Joseph Pace's interview with her about her new cookbook, Spicebox Kitchen.

Hosts: Ethan Elkind, Grace Won

Producers: Chris Nooney, Wendy Holcombe