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City Visions: Justice For All: Reimagining Law Enforcement

"Defund the Police" by Taymaz Valley, used under CC license, resized and cropped
Source: https://bit.ly/30I9S8C

As protests against systemic racism and police brutality continue across the country, Bay Area cities are now considering measures to reform, defund or even dismantle their police forces.  

But what will it take to build trust between our communities and law enforcement?  Host Ethan Elkind discusses these efforts with local and national experts. 

We'll also get an update on the coronavirus pandemic and chat with Oakland artist Oree Originol about his “Justice For Our Lives” portrait series.


Reimagining Law Enforcement

Matthew Barge, police practices and civil rights expert at 21CP Solutions; senior consultant with the Policing Project at N.Y.U. School of Law

Cat Brooks, activist and cofounder of Anti-Police Terror Project; executive director of Justice Teams Network

Malia M. Cohen, member of the California State Board of Equalization; former president of the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco

Covid-19 News Update

Erin Allday, health reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, professor and infectious disease specialist, UCSF Medical School


Oree Originol, Bay Area visual artist and activist; creator of “Justice For Our Lives” portrait series